Skin care gift box with 3 products: Deo-cream Lavender 50 ml, Lavender Body Butter 50 ml and Rosemary Tonic 50 ml.

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Our Rosemary + Lavender Gift Set contains Lavender Deo-cream 50 ml, Lavender Body Butter 50 ml and Rosemary Tonic 50 ml. They come packaged in a nice gift-box. Our herbal Rosemary + Lavender blend is comprised of 100% pure essential oils. Fragrant lavender essential oil and herbal rosemary essential oil are excellent companions in the olfactory department and smell like a walk through the garden. Lavender is known for it’s calming and balancing properties, while rosemary essential oil is highly clarifying and invigorating.

Lavender Deo-cream: Aluminium-, paraben-, phthalate-free deodorant cream based on shea and coconut butter, scented with natural Lavender essential oil.

Lavender Body Butter: Excellent for extremely dry skin care, it contains a high concentrate of butter lather that rejuvenates damaged skin cells and is deeply hydrated.

Rosemary tonic: Refreshing tonic designed for cleansing fatty and mixed skin.

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