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The beginning of the new year is the right moment when we make our New Year’s resolutions, so this seems like the perfect time to blog about my personal tips and tricks on how to reduce toxins in our lives. One of the most common questions we ask ourselves is: where should I start? It can seem really difficult, however, here is my first piece of advice that says: DO NOT overdo it! We all have different priorities, routines, and budgets, so instead of thinking we have to throw everything away at once, simply head to where you can! EVERYONE, EVEN THE LITTLE CHANGE YOU MAKE FOR YOUR HEALTH AND YOUR FAMILY’S HEALTH IS BETTER THAN ANYTHING!

With that in mind, here are some advices!

1. Read product declarations – by that I mean primarily food products, but also cleansing and skincare products as well as cleaning products. Namely, in everyday life we ​​are exposed to the consumption of a large number of different additives that are indispensable in the production of food and consumer goods because they prolong the product durability, improve taste, increase volume, reduce production and storage costs. Their representation in products is regulated by law, but that does not mean that consumers should not take into account how much they consume. Most of the additives are on the so-called red list, the use of which is permitted but only in small quantities. Although they are written in small letters and few consumers bother to read the label on the product they are buying, people should still be careful about what they buy, especially when it comes to children who should not consume as many additives as their parents do. You can read more about this subject in the following article: http://www.zzjzpgz.hr/nzl/106/umetak.htm

2. Choose from a few safer substitutes for skin care and home cleaning products – After deciding which products to replace with healthier ones, find them in health food stores (a great choice is https://www.tvornicazdravehrane.com). A great selection of eco cleaners to meet the needs of every household can be found at http://www.biocoshop.eu/56-sredstva-za-ciscenje. On this web shop you can also find a large selection of quality raw materials for the production of natural cosmetics if you want to try this skill. We would be very happy to assist you with this! In addition to the products you can buy there, all of us have a cheap and perfect product in our home that we can use in a million ways, but one of the most important, is the purpose of cleaning the home in a natural way. You guessed it, it’s BAKING SODA that will perfectly clean your home in combination with lemon or alcohol vinegar. About the possibilities of using baking soda you can read on the portal https://alternativa-za-vas.com/index.php/clanak/article/soda-bikarbona-ciscenje.

As for face and body care cosmetics, you can find a great deal at the Kantarion natural Croatian cosmetics store https://kantarion.eu/. My Web-shop natural cosmetics Mirta https://prirodna-kozmetika-mirta.com has a lot of products which you can use to replace the common ones you have at home. Remember that every product has its substitute made on a natural basis! From excellent face creams based on medicinal herbs (immortelle, rosemary, pomegranate) to effective aluminium-free deodorants that are suitable not only for healthy people who want to prevent the onset of the diseases, but also for people with allergies, for children and especially for cancer patients. You can read about the harmfulness of aluminium (contained in commercial deodorants) to our health, its connection to the onset of serious illnesses but also about healthier alternatives in this excellent article https://www.krenizdravo.rtl.hr/ljepota/njega-tijela/dezodorans-bez-aluminija-utjecaj-aluminija-na-zdravlje. The complete range of our fragrance creams, body lotions, shampoos, soaps, etc. can be seen in our e-catalog.

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Do you have a product you want to replace, but you are not sure what is the best replacement? Email us, we’re here to help! info@prirodna-kozmetika-mirta.com


3. Filter your water. Unfortunately, commercial water is full of toxins, human carcinogens, herbicides, hormone breakers, heavy metals, chlorine, fluorine and more chemicals that no one should consume on a regular basis. Bottled water is not so much better because it can also contain toxic contaminants, so finding a reliable water filter is the key to reduce the daily intake of toxic elements.

4. Buy Organic Food – While this may not be possible all the time, try to buy as much organic food as possible. By trying to consume only organic food, you reduce your exposure to carcinogenic pesticides or herbicides, genetically modified food and antibiotics. Aside from avoiding some of the most toxic chemicals, eating organic food means eating better too! There are endless studies now, that show how much more organic food is to our health because it contains higher levels of antioxidants and vitamins, which is another reason why choosing organic food is best for our health. You can find a great selection of organic food today at health food stores or at the healthy food shelves that every little better stocked store has today. However, it would be best to get food from local OPGs (family farms) near you. If you don’t have them around, a lot of OPGs nowadays have their own web shop and nationwide delivery options. Such a web-shop where you can buy honey and a wide variety of bee products, all excellent quality – tried and tested: https://pcelarstvo-veber.hr/

5. Eat more plant-based foods – Even if they are “healthier” options, most of your meals should be made of organic, fresh and integral foods, sourced from marketplaces or OPGs, and less packaged food. Meals rich in organic fruits and vegetables are ideal for optimal health! You can read about the significance of such a diet and its effect on our organism at an excellent blog https://www.krenizdravo.rtl.hr/prehrana/detoksikacija/hrana-za-detoksikaciju.

6. Non-toxic cutlery and cookware – The quality of the meal also depends on how the food is prepared and also what the cookware is made of. Some materials release harmful ingredients into food, so it’s good to know which ones are (not) desirable in your kitchen. Glass and ceramic dishes and cookware made of stainless steel, enamel and cast iron are most suitable. Plastic dishes and cutlery as well as aluminium and Teflon cookware should be avoided as much as possible. You can read an excellent article on this topic here: https://alternativa-za-vas.com/index.php/clanak/article/zdravo-posude


7. Avoid plastic – let’s face it, our lives are drowned in hormone-destroying plastic, so much that by the year 2050 it is estimated that our ocean will contain more plastic than fish. We use plastic bottles of water and milk, plastic straws, we eat fish that consumes plastic from the sea, we eat microwave food in plastic, we use cosmetic products made of plastic, we wrap our food in plastic, we feed our pets in plastic bowls, we drink hot drinks from plastic cups. We store food in plastic containers and we use an enormous quantity of plastic bags.

Instead, use as many as possible eco-friendly, non-plastic options, especially when it comes to water! Never drink water from a plastic bottle, choose instead a glass bottle. Take some nice reusable shopping bags and you will no longer have to buy plastic bags. I have one in each bag! When it comes to food storage, use glass containers. You will see very soon that these containers maintain the natural flavours of the food. To drink coffee, tea or cocoa from plastic cups? Isn’t the taste awful? I adore beautiful porcelain mugs, which make it much more satisfying to have a hot drink. I will not talk about how much healthier this option is. I’m sure you have a lot of such mugs at home, so take one of these to your office.

Conclusion – these tips are just some of the most important ones I have been aware of, over the years, so I hope they will help you too. Remember – baby steps are better than any step, so start where you can and before you even realize, your routine will be an easy one and you’ll be glad you did it! As always, if you have any questions about any of the above mentioned, just send me an e-mail! Good luck and sail healthy through the year 2020, maybe this is your best year ever. ❤️





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